Sars on the Beat the New Rhythm, FG ignores citizens cries?

Nice Caption right? No. What was the first thing to crawl into your mind on seeing this title SARS again. That they must have killed someone else? Well if not that something else negative?. Now ask yourself when a name is mentioned and a negative thought comes to mind does that tell good of that group or name? (capital NO).

We are here to recount how much complaints have been received on the supposed Special Anti Robbery Squad(S.A.R.S) and how consistent the Federal Government has been on turning Deaf ears and looking the other way to our cries on ending this supposed Anti Robbery Squad turned Robbery Squad.

f you are a Nigerian and have never come across harassment by this group or witnessed their brutality to Innocent and Law Abiding citizens I'm happy to tell you that you are one of the lucky few.

Firstly lets start off with the BIG QUESTION(?)
SARS is a branch of the Nigeria Police Force under the Force Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (FCIID). The squad deals with crimes associated with armed robbery, car snatching, kidnapping, cattle rustling and crimes associated to firearms. SARS officers carry guns, but do not wear Nigerian police uniforms nor wear badges. - Wikipedia
Knowing who they are has educated us on what their mission in Nigeria should be correct? (NO).

This Group of Law Enforcement have dedicated their sole purpose to not hunting down Armed Criminals but have supposedly come to their personal decision that they have grown above the law and are now greater than their supposed duties as they have begun Assembling themselves for various form of Maximum Criminal Activities.

They now indulge in activities such as;

1. Raiding Innocent and Law Abiding civilians residential premises in the name of "Search" and always with their great excuse of hearing about criminal activities in the location and to top it all they break into the residential premises without proper legal permissions from the Resident and without Search Warrants from the Police Force.

2. They have begun the illegal search of Devices belonging to Innocent and Law Abiding Civilians in the name of searching for evidence of Internet Fraud. (We all remember the definition and description of this Law Enforcement Agency that was provided above) May we state that this S.A.R.S operatives have no right whatsoever to be inspecting your phones contents and in major cases when no incriminating contents are found on your devices they reside to putting in or faking a note that would incriminate you. NOTE: S.A.R.S Operatives have no right to be searching personal devices no matter what happens.

3. They have begun the carrying out the work of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency(N.D.L.E.A), The SARS operatives have no right what so ever to be involved with what ever sort of drug(but also make sure you are not abusing drugs either) you are carrying about. As this operatives have come to the personal decisions that once a citizen is spotted with drugs they harass the person and instantly accuse him of drug abusing.

Now with the above reasons i have one question "What is Stopping the Government from Disbanding this Law Breaking Agency from Operation" who have taken it upon themselves to HARASS, BRUTALISE and in major cases MURDER Innocent Civilians who go about their normal daily activity happily till the second a SARS or POLICE vehicle is sighted.

As the popular talks go;
A man who sites Criminals at night and runs in the opposite and sites the Police, should happily run back to the safety of the Criminals.


The fear of the Police / SARS is the beginning of wisdom
Numerous reports have been filed against the SARS Operatives and it have always seemed that nothing is being done to revert this issues as it seems the Federal Government of Nigeria has ignored the cries of its Citizens.

Read few Reports on Top News Sites in the World Below.
The ICIR (

Concise news; (

The Sun Nigeria; (


African Liberty; (

The Cable; (

Guardian Nigeria

¤ (


This SARS Operatives have automatically converted the Youths who are to be the Future leaders of the Country to little Criminals and many have been locked up in Maximum prisons without communication to their relatives to inform them on their whereabouts. Many have been brutally killed by the SARS Operatives for Refusing to abide by their brutality and this victims would be later on announced to the family as criminals who where shot in criminal activities which is all false.

Now 1 Question, what are you willing to do to revert this S.A.R.S Brutality? (SORRY TO SAY, YOU CAN'T DO ANYTHING).

We have a Good few Activists who have taken upon themselves to stand up and fight this brutality and the Top of them all being Top Human Right Activists SEGA L'éveilleur(segalink) the brains behind the #ENDSars movement, who has helped and won many battles against this Criminal Group and rescued a lot from the Den of this SARS Operatives.

Now we all cry to the government to bring and end to this SARS Brutality as it has damaged the reputation of hardworking youths and has ended the life of young leaders.

Scroll down and leave a comment to tell us what you think on all the operations of SARS and drop a complaint on your encounter below. NOTE that the Comment section is being monitored so tell no lies.


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  1. You've spoken the Mind of the average Nigerian youth. Keep it up. Any means to ends this treachery is a way for a better tomorrow. #ENDSARS#



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