style[amp-boilerplate] Twitter Influencer / Human Right Activist SegaLink calls out fellow twitter influencer Mr Aye Dee, calls him murderer and Fraudster

Twitter Influencer / Human Right Activist SegaLink calls out fellow twitter influencer Mr Aye Dee, calls him murderer and Fraudster

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If you've been on one of the Largest social community of our time "Twitter", no doubt you would have come across the name Sega Link who is well kow to stand up to the Police and leads the popular #EndSar tag which trends from time to time and encourages police Nigeria to stop the brutal harassment of innocent Citizens.

Sega Link is also well know for raising charity donations for people who are in need of money for Surgeries, Trafficking amongst others.

Tonight being the 6th of May, Fellow Twitter Influencer Mr. Aye Dee who was allegedly brought up by the know SegaLink years back and had been accomodated by SegaLink in his times of need took to twitter to drag SegaLink over a Go-Fund-Me(The most trusted free online fundraising platform.)Fundraiser page with the aim to support the Court case of PDP presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar and PDP vice-presidential candidate Peter Obi.

The Court case which is said to straighten rumors on Rigging of Elections which was held 2 weeks Ago being the 23rd of Ferbuary.

The elections were said to be severly rigged and complaints had gone up to address the Role of the Independent National Electoral Commission(I.N.E.C).

In action to the PDP presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar, numerous Go-Fund-Me pages had gone up claiming to raise funds amounting to $100,000 to support the move.

On a particular Go-Fund-Me page which was created by SegaLink Before it was taken down due to unknown reason. The Fundraiser page had Packed a grand sum of $816(₦293,352.00), which right now cannot be accounted for and which pushed Mr. Aye Dee to make the post below.

In reply to Mr Aye Dee's post, SegaLink took to twitter to replythe tweet and hence revealing some dirty secrets of the other, like being. Murderer & Fraudster amongst others. (See tweets below #thread)

After the tweet, Activist Sega Link took to twitter once more to announce his pause to helping people who come to him and directed them to meet the president and his supporters who voted him (see tweet below)

Mr. Aye Dee replied via tweet and with pictures to prove SegaLink hadn't stood in as his father and also demanding proof from Sega Link of his claims



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