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Pen Artist Ose Stephen tells a story in Ink

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Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.-John W. Gardner

Telling stories with visuals is an ancient art. We've been drawing pictures on cave walls for centuries.

It's like what they say about the perfect picture book. The art and the text stand alone, but together, they create something even better. Kids who need to can grab onto those graphic elements and find their way into the story.

The amount of detail in artist Ose Stephen's New "BOND" series drawings is breathtaking. 

Especially when you consider the fact that he works predominantly in pen.

But for Ose, who draws his work directly onto the paper, it's not even about the details.

"None of the work sets out to be intensely detailed as that’s not the purpose of them," he told Fox Naija. "It just becomes an absorbing part of the process."

Doing these intricate drawings doesn't put a strain on Ose's patience, either.

"Because it’s indelible and I can’t rework anything, it’s actually a very immediate process, and I don’t find I have to stretch my patience to work in this way," he explained.

Ose has been getting a lot of attention for his artwork on social media, but he is trying hard not to let it influence his drawing.

"As an artist, I’ve found it a really useful tool, but it’s certainly a double-edged sword," he said. "There have been times when I’m drawing something because it interests me, and I’ve lost hundreds of followers almost overnight, because I’m not drawing what they expect of me. 

"I think you have to ignore that side of social media."

Despite that, Ose's work gets likes and shares in the Hundreds when he shares photos of it on his Facebook.

And looking at his drawings, it's not hard to see why.



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