style[amp-boilerplate] Fashion Icon Emmanuel Somto to represent Nigeria at Mr. Model International happening in Thailand

Fashion Icon Emmanuel Somto to represent Nigeria at Mr. Model International happening in Thailand

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The 97 Group yesterday being the 4th of March announced the Nigeria representative for Mister Model International 2019 to be no one else but the magnificent Emmanuel Somto who has been known for his outstanding accomplishments in the Giant of Africa (Nigeria).

Prior to becoming the Nations Representative to be in Thailand for the Mr. Model Nigeria 2019 he was the most Awarded, Appreciated and decorated Mr. Teen Nigeria ever to come out.

At a seemingly young age, he could boast of an established business which he had single handedly managed to succes and have won him the admiration of Youths/Teens and Adults alike

Emmanuel Somto who we prefer to refer as a Young and Industrious Business Tycoon who have pondered into the multi-world of Fashion being a Model, Stylist, Designer(which is his major Entrepreneur programme), Model Coach and many more

Accomplishments aside, Emmanuel Somto is known to Majority as a Humble and Down-to-Earth human/model who does not just assist the needy(FeedTheBeggars- reported on Vanguard) through his charitable organisation, The Emmanuel Somto Foundation(T.E.S.F), But also make out time to visit Prisons(reported on Online Nigeria and Help in Basic Ammnities.

Emmanuel who embodies a typical runway model physique even when strutting the aisle/runway and poise. He is also known to have a fashionable dress sense and also identified as bring Uniquely photogenic. At a national level, Emma is known as a Fashiom icon, Fashion force, and a Fashion Influencer in the modelling and Pageant industry and he's confident that he'd bring the Talent into action at an international level.

Emmanuel isn't just going for the win at the Mr. Model International in Thailand alone, but hes going with tge support of his Numerous fans and Nigerians home and abroad.

Look at for his face at the Mr. Model International and get ready to celebrate and be wowed.



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