US commuters, including Wendy Williams, stuck in traffic for hours due to heavy snow (screenshot)

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Wendy Williams and a number of other people have taken to social media to lament as the snow has completely disrupted their schedule and caused heavy traffic.

Some schools have been closed due to the snow and workers are finding it difficult to get to work and back home.

Wendy took to Instagram to reveal that she's spent over 6 hours on the road just to get home and is likely to still be on the road for another hour, making it 7 hours for a short distance from work to her home.

She wrote:

Welcome to my worst nightmare commute EVER!!!! It’s officially 6 1/2 hours & I’m STILL not HOME. I’ve done THIS for WELL over 3 decades. I don't anticipate getting home for another hour!! That would make 7hrs to go a smattering of miles!!!! Stay safe tri-state!!!! 

Another commuter complained that they've been on the road for 8 hours.

The snow continues to cause travel disruptions and power outages in Eastern US into Friday.

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