Linda Ikeji about to go down-hill as Google places Ban on her Adsense

The failed  model, turned blogger, failed social media owner and failed online streaming platform today from 12, was noticed that the two responsive Adsense Banners which disturbed readers for a while who questioned if the blogger was loosing revenue had today from 12 been noted to have been taken down, we all know it violates Google Adsense Terms to obstruct the topic and message of a blog post in order of forcing Ads on them.

Well it seems Google has taken out time to review her website and must have noticed the obstructive banner ads, there by placing a temporary or permanent Ban on her revenue source, which kick started her career and has kept her in business ever since.

Well if the so is correct, i think we're about to notice a U-turn in the blogging days of the failed model, could she be a failed blogger to?
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