Jim Iyke's net worth and property in 2018

Jim Iyke's net worth and property in 2018

Jim Iyke's net worth and property in 2018

Let’s talk about Jim Iyke net worth, as he is easily one of the most successful and recognisable faces in Nigeria movie industry. Find out how much money the actor has and what other ventures he is involved in apart from acting.

How much is Jim Iyke's worth?

We will not delve too deep into the Jim Iyke biography, but suffice it to say that he is a rather successful Nigerian actor and entrepreneur. Born as James Ikechukwu Okolue on September 25, 1976 in Libreville, Gabon, he has lived and worked in Nigeria since childhood. In 2001, he got into Nollywood, and he has been a star ever since, acting in over 150 movies.

Now, many know Jim Iyke as a rather controversial figure, as he often finds himself involved in various scandals and feuds. Taking that into account, it is not surprising that there has been speculation about his net worth as well.


Some believe that Jim is worth $8 million, while others claim that he is worth as much as $30 million. As net worth is a rather tricky thing to calculate, especially when you do not know about exact assets of a person, and all you have to go by is their word, we will probably never know which number is more accurate.

Regardless, it is interesting to learn how he has managed to get such a fortune. Well, of course, a big chunk of that must be the fees from the Jim Iyke movies. That said, you might have noticed that he is starring in less films lately. That is because, according to him, barely anyone can afford him these days! Apparently, he knows his worth and is not willing to take any less than that. It might negatively affect his net worth, but so far, he seems to be doing OK.

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It is unsurprising that Jim Iyke has decided to venture into business. One of his enterprises is Burgeon Global, a water production company that was opened in 2015 in Abuja FCT.

Even earlier than that, he established Untamed Productions and Untamed Records, one being a production company and the other a record label. Even though he is yet to bag a star for his label or win some awards for his films, he is still going at it. Iyke once tried to venture into music himself, but his debut 2009 album ‘Who Am I’ did not receive as warm of a welcome as he might have expected, despite having some top names from the music industry on the record.

In May 2017, Iyke announced that he was going to open Lustrous Dynamic Global, a construction and real estate company. Today, it seems to be doing quite well. In addition to that, he has recently become the CEO of 2J Spectrum.

Not that long ago, he added a new endorsement deal and a startup to the list of his ventures. Since September of this year, he has been endorsing a real estate company by the name Henry Montego Homes. He has also launched a domestic service delivery company called ‘Oga Work’, and it is meant to connect people to service providers they need.

However, not all things have turned out the way he expected. You might have heard that about a month ago, Jim claimed to be the CEO of Mr. Taxi. Well, it was soon revealed that he was only invited to be an ambassador of the company, so that was a bust.

But it is not all that bad. In addition to his many successful (and less so) business enterprises, Iyke is also the founder of Jim Iyke Foundation, a charity that runs various events in order to attract attention to the problems underprivileged African face and raise money to help them. He has collaborated with various big brands to raise funds to improve the situation with child illiteracy and poverty.

According to Jim’s website, he is also involved in oil and gas transportation, car dealership, event management and other enterprises. No wonder he has managed to amass such wealth over the years!

Jim Iyke's house and cars

It would be strange if Jim Iyke just sat on all his money without spending it on something lavish. Like many other successful actors, he can boast of having a beautiful (and expensive) house and a whole fleet of cars.

Unlike most actors who tend to gravitate towards Lagos when buying property, Jim decided to go the other way and settle in Abuja. It is reported that his mansion cost him as much as ₦200 million. The man does not show it off, however, unless you count a few glimpses here and there in the background and a few indoor shots.

As for his cars, boy, does he love to show them off! It seems like his garage might burst at the seams at some point. One of his favourite vehicles has to be his silver Mercedes CLS600, as he can often be seen posing next to it or sitting behind the wheel. He can also be spotted with a black Chevrolet Tahoe SUV and several other fancy cars.

However, none of them are quite as fancy as his stylish Convertible Plymouth Prowler and Chevrolet Camaro SS convertible. These two vehicles are easily the stars of his garage. We wonder what the next Jim Iyke new car might be.

Despite quite a few scandals over the years and an acting career that seems to be mostly on pause, Jim Iyke is still one of the richest and most successful actors in Nollywood. Something tells us that we have not seen the last of him yet, so we will have to wait to find out what else he might have in store for us!
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