Football Leaks claim Real Madrid captain @SergioRamos 'failed a drugs test after 2017 Champions League final but the results were covered up by UEFA'


According to the latest batch of Football Leaks reports, Real Madrid captain, Sergio Ramos failed a drugs test in the aftermath of his team's 2017 Champions League final, which they won 4-1 victory over Juventus.

German newspaper Der Spiegel reports that Ramos' urine sample contained traces of dexamethasone, and that the results were covered up by UEFA.

The cortisone preparation is on the list kept by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) of substances that are prohibited in competition. 

Administration of dexamethasone prior to a match is permitted, but a team doctor must report its use on doping control forms, but this was missing.

The Real Madrid doctor has admitted to giving Ramos two injections of dexamethasone the day before the final in June last year, one in his shoulder and another in his knee.

He then noted in his doping report that Ramos had received treatment with another anti-inflammatory drug containing betamethasone, which is also on WADA's list of banned substances in competition.

UEFA accepted the doctor's reasoning and claim it was made 'in compliance' with WADA code.

Football Leaks claim that when they contacted Real Madrid and Ramos they had no comment to make.

The Football Leaks revelations also claim that Ramos' former team-mate Ronaldo 'complained that he was always selected' for testing when UEFA arrived at the club's training ground for random testing in February 2017.

Real Madrid accused the UEFA testers of inadequacy, and claimed the anti-doping officer stuck Ronaldo twice with a needle without finding a vein. 

UEFA, Real Madrid and Ronaldo all withheld comment when asked by Der Spiegel about the incident. 

Source: Mail Online
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