Bisi Alimi to sue Walter Ude, founder of Nigerian gay site, after accused him of being a paedophile who involves children in gay porn

Bisi Alimi is at war with the founder of a popular Nigerian gay website after false allegations were made about him on the site.

According to the very outspoken gay rights activist, Walter Ude, the founder of Kito Dairies, allowed his site to be used as an avenue to spread falsehood about him and when he contacted him and asked him to take it down, Walter refused to, even after Bisi's lawyers got involved.


Some of the allegations made against Bisi on the gay website include that he is a paedophile and that he runs a porn making club that involves children. They also alleged that he pimped young boys to gay older men.

They also accused Bisi and his husband Anthony Davis of embezzling funds meant for work for the Bisi Alimi foundation.

Bisi said the gay news platform based in Lagos, Nigeria, was supposed to be an avenue for the LGBTQ to speak freely and be themselves but it has now become "a platform where gay men make damaging accusations about other gay men, and no one, not even the owner and manger of the platform has taken time to ask them to either show evidence or he will delete their post."

He has now threatened to sue Walter Ude who runs Kito Dairies.

See his explanation below.
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