Beautiful maternity photos of Nigerian identical twins pregnant with identical twins

Some little blessings in life make being alive a huge deal. Identical twin sisters, Tongha Martha and Priscilla Tongha Mberekpe, are both pregnant and are expected to both give birth to identical twins and the internet can't keep calm.

We hear of serendipity and overwhelming coincidences, some of which are what make parts of nature very beautiful. They also displays the supremacy of an heavenly father whose handiwork is a miracle to humans.

It's why the Mberekpe twin sisters are too be admired. The identical twins who are both currently, heavily pregnant are set to welcome their children anytime soon and it has been revealed that they expected to each also deliver identical twins.

One of the twins proudly shared their maternity shoot photos on social media, where she shared the good news of them expecting their bundles of joy any moment now.

There's no doubt that they will have a big, happy family in the nearest future. Even more, it is interesting to visualize that they might just be raising a twins generation.

It is common knowledge that twins share a special bond and the photos reflect the love and genuine friendship that exist between the sisters.

Congratulations to the twins sisters.

Photos below:

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