LeBron James' home debut game is marred by fights as players throw punches in LA Lakers vs Houston Rockets game

Basketball star, LeBron James' home debut game for Los Angeles Lakers  was marred by fights as they played against Houston Rockets at the Staples Center on Saturday night.

The fight erupted in the fourth quarter of the game the game at Staples Center as Chris Paul, Brandon Ingram and Rajon Rondo were all ejected in a feisty contest that saw the Lakers fall 124-115 to the Houston Rockets.

The brawl started after Ingram shoved James Harden, with Paul and Rondo getting into a heated discussion. Paul was later seen pointing his finger into Rondo's face which boiled over into punches being thrown between Paul of Rockets and LA Lakers' Rondo. Ingram, who had already received a technical foul, decided to run into the fight and deliver a punch at Paul.

Ingram, Paul and Rondo were all ejected from the game after officials reviewed the incident. The three will likely face suspensions and fines from the league.

Watch the videos below.

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