Authorities believe they have found suspicious package addressed to Joe Biden

Former US Vice President, Joe Biden, is believed to be the latest to have been sent a suspicious package after Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, CNN, and Robert De Niro were targeted.

The secret service intercepted the packages addressed to Mr Obama and Ms Clinton, but CNN's New York office was evacuated after a "live explosive device" addressed to former CIA director John Brennan was discovered on the premises.

New York governor Andrew Cuomo also received a similar device at his office in Manhattan, two devices intended for California Democratic representative Maxine Waters were intercepted at a mail screening facility in Maryland, and newspaper The San Diego Union-Tribune evacuated its offices after suspicious packages were found.

Prominent Democratic Party donor George Soros, and Mr Obama's attorney general Eric Holder were also targeted in similar incidents. Independent reports.

Late on Wednesday night, the FBI said they were trying to track down a parcel intended for Mr Biden. The parcel was reportedly misaddressed and returned to sender, but is now considered suspicious due to similarities to other incidents.

None of the bombs sent out detonated and no one was injured.

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