6-year-old girl sexually assaulted by two 7-year-old boys after they watched porn on smartphones in school

A six-year-old girl is alleged to have been sexually assaulted by two seven-year-old boys in a school in Australia just after they watched porn on their phones, local media reports.

Despite claims the assault was of "high-level", the police at the time failed to carry out appropriate investigations because the accused were minors under 10.

Cyber-safety expert Susan McLean, who runs workshops for schools across the country, spoke to the mother of the alleged victim. She blasted the school for failing to report the incident when it happened in the middle of last year, according to the Weekend Australian.

Ms McLean said:

This was high-level stuff. This wasn't just low-level, and I understand you cannot charge a person under 10 but if you've got two seven-year-old boys sexually ­assaulting a six-year-old girl there needs to be an intervention of some description.

It was totally swept under the carpet by the school.

The girl has since left school, while her alleged attackers are still attending.

Lutheran Education Australia's state executive director, John Proeve, confirmed the two seven-year-olds had watched material "understood to be of explicit sexual nature".

"We know the behaviour is not consistent with what we would call normal playground behaviour," Mr Proeve added.

A police investigation has since been launched.

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