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See The Moment Nigerians Spotted A Self-driving Car For The First Time

That moment Nigerians see a self driving car, one man says 'Na Spirit dey drive am' How would you react when you see a self driving car for the first time?
Guess you wouldn't act in a different manner as these people have done.

A video which shows some Nigerians expressing shock at the sight of a self driving car has gone viral.

The event occurred this morning as a lot of people were seen admiring the car that was on the move without a driver.

People at the scene where seen expressing their shock as many term it as magic or black voodoo to work on it own.

Some other people were of the opinion that the car was being remote-controlled from a hidden location.

The hilarious part of the video which has gone viral on the social media was that of a man, who was heard saying "Na spirit dey inside."

This literally means he believes the car was being driven by a spirit.

The self driving car was seen trailing other vehicles in a traffic jam as residents and passers-by troop to it side to have a view of it.



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