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DJ Khaled trademarks son's(Asahd Khaled) name - FOX NAIJA

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DJ Khaled knows a thing or two about branding a name. The mogul is now attempting to do for his son's name, Asahd, what he's been doing with his own for years. Shout it out at all times and put it on anything and everything.

According to TMZ, Khaled and his wife Nicole Tuck have applied for Asahd's name to be trademarked. The plan is to attach the name to a bunch of children's products like strollers, bibs, books, snacks, anything a kid might want to get its hands on. The family won't be stopping at just basic child necessities, there are also plans for Asahd brand mini-cars.

Since Asahd is 1-years-old his mom had to sign for him on the application. He may be able to push a mini-ride but he hasn't mastered a signature yet.


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