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Full name: Patrick Fakoya

Age: 25

State of Origin


Patrick Fakoya, AKA Rico Swavey is a Nigerian Musician and Actor. He is best known for the 'Life 101' drama series. Rico is also a trained lawyer. He has a number of Hip hop and 'alternative' tracks to his credit.


Rico is 25 years old.


Rico was born in a relatively large family. He has seven siblings.


Patrick is a graduate of Law. He studied at Babcock University.


Inspite of studying law, Rico's heart lies in the entertainment industry. Swavey describes himself as an 'alternative' artiste. He has however released a number of musical tracks. According to him, he has a new sound called 'Afrosantana'


Meanwhile, Rico's big break came in his on-set casting. He says he exploded with joy when he got his first major role. He starred in the drama series Life 101.

Big Brother Naija

Rico joined the Big Brother Naija House on 28 January 2018. Swavey while answering a few questions revealed that he joined due to his Cousin who has autism. Hence he will use the platform to create awareness.

Rico further added that he would still be in the house even if he had a million dollars. He is only there to "catch the waves" after all. He has cooked the most, of all the housemates. He revealed cooking is his way of expressing himself.

Meanwhile, as part of the "double wahala" package, he was paired with Ahneeka and then Bambam.

Failed Love Moves

Rico Swavey is indeed one of the most unlucky guys in the house, as regards striking a relationship. Ahneeka was the first to turn down his advances. Weeks later, he was all over Alex, who made it clear she felt nothing for him. Rico has at various times tried to get close to almost all the ladies, but still no luck.

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