It all started when Michael Evangelou wrote "Girls' trip" to send to himself as a reminder that he had an upcoming event.

However, the message ended up with Lina Dahlbeck who also replied: "Hi! Girls' trip? Who's this please? I'm guessing this was intended for another Lina."

44-year-old car salesman from Colliers Wood in south London wrote a WhatsApp message he intended to send to his own number but mistakenly sent it to an unknown number – this error has him married to 37-year-old Lina Dahlbeck from Morden, South London three months after.

This error from Michael's end was the beginning of what has now become a family – they became friends and proceeded with their conversations and scheduled a meeting.

After that meeting they found each other pleasing and agreed to take their friendship to a higher height.

After the marriage, Michael Evangelou is quoted as having said:

"It's certainly a crazy way to meet someone. Everything snowballed but in a good way. She's the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with."

The obviously excited Lina could not hide her joy as she said:

"If someone told me I would meet my future husband when he sent me a text out of the blue, I would never have believed them. People are astonished every time I tell them how we met.

"Some of my friends have even started sending WhatsApp messages to random numbers in the hope of finding romance."

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