See what Naija Comedian "YANBABA" has to say about BIG BROTHER NAIJA - FOX NAIJA

February 12th Fast rising Anambra Comedian YanBaba took to his Facebook page to air his view on the ungoing BIG BROTHER NAIJA here's what he has to say.-



first of all,i am not just an ardent follower of Bbn but I am also a critical observer of the reality TV show.

Currently,I don't know if I'm the one going through this, I am always reluctant to tune into my channel 29 (on Gotv) to watch the show,the few times I did,I always see in front of my TV screen some bunch of beautiful, handsome, sophisticated,tushed, but unentertaining and unreal folks..

I don't need to be told that Bbn is ofcourse geared towards entertaining the viewers and getting them glued to their TV screen, these housemates are not giving us that... Most people are scheming themselves into watching and following the show just to distract themselves from the country's wahala..

It's an obvious fact that Most of these housemates are already very exposed in life, some have lived abroad for years,some came from wealthy families,... There's nothing "naija" about them... The average Nigerian is not connecting with them.

The last edition, care to wonder why most Nigerians connected with the likes of Bisola and Efe... Those traits in bisola,marvis and Efe are what we can't see in these housemates..

for the next edition of Bbn,I employ the organizers to go out of the ordinary, give us BIG BROTHER NAIJA: STREET TAKE OVER (KPAKO EDITION)..only the theme alone should paint a picture of what I have in mind..see the concept,

This time around, throw audition in remote places, go to ajegunle in Lagos,do audition, go to mainland axis, do audition, come down to the east,throw audition in places like obiagu in Enugu, Onitsha in Anambra,.. Throw auditions at warri and sapele of Delta States,go to akwaibom, throw audition at ikot ekpene instead of uyo..

This exercise will produce a handful of real,crazy and entertaining individuals..
Let's leave 'connection' for once, the ones that passed the audition, carry them and put in the house for us, and watch Nigeria witness the highest most watched TV reality show in the world..

firstly, there are some things that these people (you brought in from the streets) have not seen before in all their lives that they will be seeing for the first time in the house, there are some food they will see in the house that they have not eaten in all of their years on earth,there are some amenities in the house that most of them haven't seen in all their lives.. Their attitude, feelings, approach towards those things, their naivety and innocence,their attempt on how to adjust to the life they found themselves will be mad and entertaining..

You will watch housemates exhibit realness,somebody will see something in the house and won't have any idea of what it is,..most of them won't differentiate between robot cameras and ordinary poles..

People will watch their innocent smiles and laughter when they realized dem don fuck up by not knowing what is what?..

Nigerians crave for this kind of undiluted and pure entertainment where housemates wont be so game conscious, where housemates will just be happy that they ordinarily made it to South Africa.. Emotions will flow,Nigerians will cry seeing innocent people being thankful for being watched..

This time,you won't be hearing boring Gists of private jet men pursuing one over riped pawpaw like that.. You will be hearing correct childhood gists,..storiesthat will motivate and inspire viewers.. Chai.
I wish the organizers will vividly see the image I am trying to paint here..

These niggars will give us what we yearn for, when someone is angry,you will see it.....real!... When someone is happy, you will see it....real!.
The Romance will be on another level... The love and emotions will be so real.. Remember Efe and marvis?.. Common!!.. Who could be more lovely,and romantic than a broke Street boy..

Nevertheless,Unlike Toby (in Bbn now),a Street boy will chyke a girl in the house, and the babe will be doing shakara.. You go see where the housemate go be like "common park well,who she be sef!,nobi the same SA all of us dey?"..

Secondly and lastly (probably), you will be enabling the platform (Bbn) to the right people that needs it..
Most people in the house now are already established in one area or the other, ranging from pilots, to TV hosts,to musicians, to actors etc..
THE BIG BROTHER NAIJA: STREET TAKE OVER (KPAKO EDITION) will truly pick people from trash to Paradise, stories will be rewritten, lives will be changed,families will be transformed,God!!!...
Every one of them will be eternally grateful..
I'm not saying that Bbn should be a poverty alleviation program,.. All we are saying is do this edition even if is for once... Just the way Africa has CHAN, a tournament basically set for locally based players to come and play and sell themselves...
That is what we are asking for..
Give the street a chance. Give the street a voice..
Give Nigerians pure and undiluted entertainment. We want to laugh!..
Kindly share this post if you think we need this.. Let's share it till Bbn organizers sees it..
Mention blogs,and news blog to carry this..
All the lovers of Big brother naija, let's put our hands together and see BIG BROTHER NAIJA: STREET TAKE OVER (KPAKO EDITION) come to pass.
Written by Yan Baba

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See what Naija Comedian "YANBABA" has to say about BIG BROTHER NAIJA - FOX NAIJA See what Naija Comedian "YANBABA" has to say about BIG BROTHER NAIJA - FOX NAIJA Reviewed by Michael Tabansi on March 07, 2018 Rating: 5

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