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Exclusive Interview with Mr. Universe Imo(Model) -UKACHUKWU BRENDAN MAKUOCHUKWU - FOX NAIJA

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Ukachukwu Brendan Makuochukwu emerged as Mr. Universe Imo(Model) on 8th October 2017, in a keen contest held at Owerri New ICC. The 21 year old King Ukachukwu had his nursery and primary education at Isaac Igwe Memorial Nursery and Primary School and Rochas Foundation College.

In an Interview with FOX NAIJA INTERVIEW TEAM, He revealed some interesting facts about his Life. Read below:

FOX NAIJA INTERVIEWERHow do you feel winning this Crown?

Ukachukwu: Tho the experience I had from my school pageant made me feel it was my right to get this .. Haahaaa the . tension from my school pageant made me stronger so I felt it was part of me ..(tried being Funny). lol because winning is now a hobby haahaaa.

FOX NAIJA INTERVIEWERWhen you were announced winner, how did you feel?

Ukachukwu: Only God knows how I feel because I saw it coming ...I worked hard for it was a joyous one sha.

FOX NAIJA INTERVIEWERWho talked you into the contest?

Ukachukwu: One of the former kings tho I know about it but I won't deny him of the link.

FOX NAIJA INTERVIEWERHave you read about it on the papers or blog?

Ukachukwu: Like I said before from the ex King but have heard about it tho on internet so much but he is the one that pushed me on.

FOX NAIJA INTERVIEWERHow was life in the camp with the other contestants?

Ukachukwu: It was fun because am the comedian in the house and also the camp captain I don't miss to say things even if I miss I still bring it up haaaaahaaa ...I do disturb a lot sha especially when asking the next schedules a point my boss and the camp manager fake sleeps when the notice am coming lol!!!!

FOX NAIJA INTERVIEWER: Where you a model?

Ukachukwu: Yes I started it from school as I emerged the winner of my school pageant the Mr Absu(Culture) 2017 which was the reason I said I will go into modelling/pageantry fully.


Ukachukwu: Just pageant but ever since I won my sash a lot of links have been coming but I chose not to ..till I finish up with my first degree. ..but am working with some runway models.

FOX NAIJA INTERVIEWER: Where do you school and how is life as a student?

Ukachukwu: Am a Student of Abia State University Uturu ...
If I tell you life as a student here is fun that means I need a medication especially here in Absu the stress is much that you see some news about suicides some taking there life because of the frustration .not just the huge amount of money we pay as tuition fee but both the stress high price accommodations in fact everything no joy ...but we all thank God for gift of life.

FOX NAIJA INTERVIEWERAs Mr. Universe Imo(Model), have you any pet project on mind?

Ukachukwu: Yes many of them but no sponsor oooooo but 
The one I did was with my boss Saint Kelvin Dim ...we went to Motherless babes homes on Valentines days that's for the brand.


Ukachukwu: Yes because is the activity or goal pursued as a personal favorite, rather than because it is generally accepted as necessary or important.

FOX NAIJA INTERVIEWERHow was growing up for you?

Ukachukwu: I will always appreciate my parents the all I got ...too parental it was easy because my parents used Godly things from day one ..which am greatful.

FOX NAIJA INTERVIEWERHow did they feel when you told your family about going for the contest?

Ukachukwu: It was easy because they believe in me with much confidence that I know what's good for my life right now tho am still a student... but still reminds me to face my studies thats what the send me to school for with conditions of facing my studies it was a go ahead order then.

FOX NAIJA INTERVIEWERWhat kind of clothes do you like to wear?

Ukachukwu: Yeah I love special designs especially made for me Ebuka the BB voice I admire his outfits.

FOX NAIJA INTERVIEWERWhat dress sense do we expect from you now?

Ukachukwu: Always look good and neat How you dress depends on what is the place you are moving to. How you may dress for your workplace may be totally dissimilar to what you might wear for a friend's party just look charming like World charming dude.

FOX NAIJA INTERVIEWERWhich of the designers handled your wardrobe for the event?

Ukachukwu: Lemon bliss for now because he is not reliable ...he always disappoint me so much that I have to skip going.

FOX NAIJA INTERVIEWERDo you share the minority perception that a pageant contestant must sleep his/her way to the crown?

Ukachukwu: That's bullshit you know only in Nigeria you hear about this ...but at first I taught mostly it was true but it's not i'm a living witness.

FOX NAIJA INTERVIEWERWhat about your relationship with your friends?

Ukachukwu: Cool I can take a bullet for my real friends Caring exactly when is the right time, i seem to make a great impression, especially when other people are in a difficult situation. But I always love them to reciprocate.

FOX NAIJA INTERVIEWERLet's talk about your love life; are you in a relationship right now?

Ukachukwu: Naa Naa Naa not ready for that stress, tried to be but it really sucks.

FOX NAIJA INTERVIEWERWho can we say Ukagod Brendan?

Ukachukwu: He is Model/ humanitarian and an extrovert 

FOX NAIJA INTERVIEWERYou come from a family of how many children?

Ukachukwu: 7 children.

FOX NAIJA INTERVIEWERWhat is your ultimate aim in life?

Ukachukwu: To be an outstanding personality in the society especially to be the man I want to be and pay back my parents with happiness ultimate goal in life should be hard to achieve and not be something that someone can be born with. ... Which am really working on.

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