"It Was Just Strategy To Promote The Song, 'Yeba'" - Kiss Daniel Insights On Instagram Comedy Skits.

Kiss Daniel Insights

G-Worldwide Entertainment music act, Kiss Daniel for some time been sharing comedy skits on his Instagram page – which are actually hilarious – which has left people surprised, as no one knew he had that side to him.

As expected, this led people to speculate if the singer has plans to make a career switch to comedy someday.

But speaking to Punch's Sunday Scoop, K.D says the reason behind those videos was to promote his single at that time -"Yeba".

In his own words:

I have no plans to delve into comedy; music is my major talent. If you listen to my new song, Yeba, you would notice that there are traces of comedy in it. You would also note that I started uploading those comedy skits about a month before Yeba was released, so it was just a strategy to promote the song. It was a means of creating awareness.


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