style[amp-boilerplate] Two Women Arrested For Publicly Fighting Over Man For Sex in Lagos (Photo)

Two Women Arrested For Publicly Fighting Over Man For Sex in Lagos (Photo)

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The police at Ikotun Division have arrested two women and detained

them at the station while the third suspect escaped, for their unruly

behaviour by publicly fighting over a man for $ex in Lagos.

The incident happened at a popular joint at Governor's Road by Landmog

Bus Stop in Ikotun area of Lagos State.

The suspects identified as Amaka, Chioma and Blessing were said to

have engaged in a public brawl after a customer who came to drink at


joint indicated interested to take a woman home. gathered that the three women indicated interest at

the same time and were said to have scrambled for the man to the

embarrassment of other customers at the joint.

However, the scrambling turned to full blown fight and fracas after

the man chose Blessing to the astonishment of Amaka and Chioma.

It was gathered that Chioma and Amaka protested and told the man that

he cannot take Blessing because men had been sleeping with her for

some days while the two of them have not had any $ex for days and had

not made any money for those days.

They reportedly suggested that the man should agree to take the three

of them at the same time since he could afford to take care of them.

The man agreed but Blessing rejected the idea and said she was not

ready for such arrangement because she would deliver the services the


would want alone.

The argument resulted in hot exchange words and degenerated later to a

fight among the three women.

Some of the properties at the jointed were damaged during the fight.

The manager of the joint then had to contact the police and the

suspects were arrested and taken to the station.

At the station, the suspects told the police that Blessing had taken

the few customers that came to the joint to solicit for sex at their

own detriment and she had refused sharing the only man that agreed to

take three of them for the romp.

When visited Ikotun Police Division, the suspects

were still detained there but the DPO was not around to comment on the


However, police sources said the suspects will be charged to court for

their alleged conduct in the area.

It was gathered that Blessing has been on the run after the fight,

while the man in question abandoned them and settled for another


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