style[amp-boilerplate] ‘I could buy an ass like your wife did - Wendy Williams blast TI for shaming her surgically enhanced body

‘I could buy an ass like your wife did - Wendy Williams blast TI for shaming her surgically enhanced body

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Talk show host, Wendy Williams has clapped back at rapper T.I for

throwing a subliminal jab at her surgically enhanced body.

Last week, the rapper took to Instagram to shame the 53-year-old host

by posting photos of her in a black bikini, which shows her surgically

enhanced assets.

He wrote: Ok now as much shit as this sister talk about people...

(Myself included) I know what y'all expect. But I'm not gon do the

obvious & fye her ass up. NOPE!!! I'm gon be respectful because

regardless of her flaws she's still a independent black business woman

that's had to fight her way through life to get where she is. JUST

LIKE THE PEOPLE SHE JUDGES DAILY!!! But I'm gon try something new &

different this time. Let's see if the power of mercy moves her heart

to not be so malicious & vindictive in the future when she's speaking

on the lives of other strangers when they're going through their own

PERSONAL tough times. That's my approach... let's see. ? Reacting to

his rant, she told the New York Daily News in an interview:

"I was just in Barbados with my husband on vacation. The paparazzi

caught me. T.I. referenced my lack of behind," she said.

"I wanted to say 'I could buy one like your wife and so many people

have done,'" Williams added. "I could buy one any day. It's flat."

Just so you know, T.I's wife, Tameka "Tinya" Harris" has been honest

about getting butt enhancements during an appearance on the Wendy

Williams Show, where she also opened about the drama between her, T.I

and his side chick Berniece Burgos.

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