Why can’t TBoss recite the national anthem?

Why can’t TBoss recite the national anthem?

TBoss is in the news again after video clips emerged of her reciting

the national anthem wrongly. Such a move cannot go unnoticed and

Nigerians made their feelings known.

When Debie Rise innocently asked TBoss to recite the national anthem,

many were not prepared for what happened next.


HIV positive girl gets crowned as a beauty queen


TBoss proceeded to recite a version of our anthem filled with so many

errors, CAMPUSNAIJA.info was


The housemates were visibly shocked that she couldn't recite the

anthem and surprisingly, TBoss went on to pick a fight with Debie Rise



MC GALAXY a Star to himself


embarrassing her and reducing her chances of taking home the BBNaija

grand prize of N25million.

Can you recite the national anthem?

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