style[amp-boilerplate] Vanessa Hudgens' Workout Routine Probably Costs More Than Your Rent

Vanessa Hudgens' Workout Routine Probably Costs More Than Your Rent

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Vanessa Hudgens' workout routine has everyone talking for a lot of reasons.

The 28-year-old covers the latest issue of Women's Health magazine in

which she divulged how she lost 10 lbs. in just one (we repeat, one )

month: SoulCycle and Yoga.

For a Los Angeles-bsaed actress, that sounds totally normal, right?

Well, it is...until she mentioned she takes the pricey indoor cycling

class twice a day while maintaining her yoga practice three times per


Just to put things in perspective, let us break down the cost of all that:

1SoulCycle Class: $30/(2) Classes per Day at least 5 Days a Week:$300/week

1CorePower Yoga Class (she's been spotted at this studio several

times): $25/(3) CorePower Yoga Classes per Week: $75/week

Therefore, Hudgen's weekly payout for fitness classes (including

parking, etc.) would come out to about $400 per week!

And if that doesn't amaze you, it means her costs add up to about

$1600 per month...And that's more than most people pay for rent.

However, while we may think that's a pretty high expense to pay,

Hudgens says it's more than just looking makes her feel

good, too!

"I don't consider it fitness," Hudgens explained in Women's Health .

"It's more like therapy for me."

Fitness aside, she also eats clean, sticking to a low-carb, high-fat

diet. Hudgens' meal plan typically includes: an avocado a day; eggs

and bacon for breakfast; a salad with dark meat chicken for lunch;

almonds for a snack; and grilled salmon or steak with a salad or

sautéed veggies for dinner.

What do you think of her diet and fitness routine? Sound off in the

comments below!

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