Tough times: Prostitutes in Lagos lament low patronage from clients

Tough times: Prostitutes in Lagos lament low patronage from clients

- A survey conducted by in Lagos hotels reveals the

price prostitutes charge before and now

- Operators complained bitterly of high cost of operations and maintenance

- Despite low patronage, many of these business women are unwilling to

slash their fee

The prevailing downturn in the economy seems to be affecting

everything in the country, including the services of prostitutes, who

are currently complaining about low patronage from their clients.

A survey conducted by at hotels in Lagos, reveals the

lamentations of people practising the world's oldest profession before

and during recession.


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Some of the ladies who spoke with our correspondent informed that

there has been a sharp drop in patronage from their customers as even

the ones who come only manage to pay.

They are of the view that as prices of goods fluctuates in the market,

salaries are being owed and companies laying off their staff, the

purchasing power of their customers will be reduced.

Some who were not willing to disclose their identity, complained

bitterly of how the business has been dull, adding that often times

they fight over clients and even to the extent of begging for


Checks by revealed that some ladies have since

slashed their charge and even offer new services due to low patronage.

A one-night stand used to cost between N3,000 and N5,000 but was

increased to N8,000 as a result of recession. But when there are no

customers, they go back to the old price. Meanwhile, many are not

willing to slash their charges even with the above assertion.


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This harsh economic has not only affected the prostitutes, even the

operators of the hotels lamented the high cost of running the business


At one of the hotels visited, the manager who pleaded anonymity,

informed that the cost of operation and maintenance has doubled

compared to previous years.

"In previous years, the amount we spend on daily basis is low and by

the end of each day, sales are very high. But since the present

administration began, the amount has been doubled; it has gone from

bad to worse.

"The power service has taken a bad shape.

The money we spend on diesel alone is high compare to previous years.

Our staff's salaries have been slashed because we manage the little

profit we make. Even as we make payment of other bills. Now we spend

more and make fewer sales," our impeccable hotel manager disclosed.

A single mother of two identified as Nneoma Anunobi but popularly

called Miss Kem, informed that since the recession period, it has not

been business as usual.


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According to her: "Since there was a recess in the economy, the

business has experienced a shake in activities as customers approach

has been reduced. And even the ones, who come to seek for our

services, lament and even deny themselves the pleasure and end up

leaving the motel. So things have been difficult for us lately,

because the cost of things we use to make us beautiful is now high and

this made us increase our price per night.

"You know this hotel is a big hotel for the average class but the

profit margin before now and now has reduced."

Another powerful worker in one of the hotels identified simply as

Nkiru but fondly called Lady Slim explained to that

the business has been profitable for her despite the economic


"When it is evening, some guys come with their friends, while other

night crawlers do

come with their babes; so also the ladies. Then some ladies who come

alone, opt for drinks and keep themselves busy either with their

cigarette or look for guys that are alone then business begins from


"Before now, our customer varies, you see some that come and want us

to go out with them and you see some that come and seek for our

company to pass a night out with them; especially the ones that are

married and their wives are not around. Our charges before now are

influenced by the customers' physical possession, gadgets and even


The one with big cars cannot be the same with the ones without a car.

And some only come, buy drinks and food for us. then give us little


"Also, we charge base on the services we are to render. A night before

is between N3,000-N8,000, but now it is from N10,000 upwards.

While going out of the hotel with a client or offering home service

will be higher and ranges from N30,000 upwards per day or per night.

The people who call for this are usually the high class.

As sometimes we go to parties, special occasions or clubs with them.

So I would say depending on the type of customers, we are not really

discouraged despite the economic downfall," she explained.

Moyo Kayode who was nicknamed 'Mokky', said some single mothers engage

in this profession so as to take good care of their children.

According to her, prostitution is a dirty business but still remains

their only means of survival and livelihood.

She explained: "Some of the ladies who are into this business do it

for the money alone and not for the fun of it. Some are single mothers

while others are housewives whose husbands are financially

handicapped. They are here just to make money and take care of their

children needs, send them to good schools and also do not want to

engage in monthly jobs which might not sustain them.

"They really do not care about the danger that comes afterwards. They

just want to make money and go. Giving themselves a target, once they

achieve their aim, they leave."

Ese, one of the ladies of the night, narrates her journey into the

business and how it has been risky at the same time profitable despite

the economic condition Nigeria is posed with.

"I am the first child of five children. My parents still struggle to

take care of my siblings. But when I sat down and looked for a means

of surviving in this hard time as a student, this was the only option

I had.

"First, I started as a sales attendant then moved onto the level I am

in. Right now, my fee is not really high, but I would say there is a

good side to this business. The gifts I receive from old clients and

good new ones who approach me, are much more than the money I make


"Truth is the money is not really huge compared to the medical issues

that come from the job. The health challenges are severe. But we also

pray to God and his grace sustains some of us. Some ladies

survive it; some are used for rituals, some get to be infected with

strange illness. But I would say there is no profession without its

hazard. We only pray for better days with a healthy life to live it.

"I have been surviving for almost three years. But I would say it has

been a tough journey I embarked on and I hope to leave when I am done

with my studies ," she stated quite emotionally.

Cynthia, another lady who listed some of her challenges to noted that even the prostitutes often fight over

clients who manage to patronize them.


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The outspoken lady offered: "Often times we dance all night and drink.

It has been really challenging for us. As sometimes, they steal our

possessions while delivering our services, in the hotel and outside.

Since some of us have been a victim of the past evil acts by some bad

clients, what we do is whenever we want to go out with our clients, we

do drop our cash, gadgets, and other expensive possessions with the

staffs of the hotel and give them money and when we return we collect


"Because it is safer, as not all clients really come to pay us after

service, some come to steal from us. So we have learnt our lesson.

Often times, when there are no customers, the ones who manage to

patronize us, end up not doing so, because some of us do fight over


"Moreso, some of the guys engage in evil vices like the selling of

Indian hemp and smoking it as well. They even fight themselves

sometimes. As we ladies around them cannot really tell the cause of

their fight.

But we are sure it is the aftermath of the business transactions. When

this happens, they end up being chased out by the manager or by police

officials on duty."

She added that recession does not really affect their profession but

only affects their spending culture.


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"We are not really affected by the recession but we only cut down

cost, so as to save for tomorrow. It is really a risky job I must

confess. Some ladies have sold their heart out in this profession and

do not really belief in anything good life has to offer.

"While other ladies make it out of this profession by getting married

to good men,traveling out of the shores of the country.Some end up

starting up a good business. But others do not make it to the end."

As at the time of filling this report, many of them were seen

loitering without patronage.

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