Senator Shehu Sani lashes at Saraki, other APC senators

An audio recording of Senator Shehu Sani accusing Senate president,

Bukola Saraki and some members of the All Progressives Congress (APC)

of conniving to sabotage the administration of President Muhammadu

Buhari has been released.

In the audio released by Sahara reporters, Senator Sani could be heard

speaking Hausa on June 9, 2015 during the reception held for him

shortly after his inauguration as a senator.

Sani who has confirmed the authenticity of the audio was heard

accusing some APC senators of anti-party activities thereby giving

positions meant for the ruling party to the Peoples Democratic Party

and vowed to fight them till the end.

Read his full translation of his statement below:

"I would like to begin by extending our appreciation and profound

gratitude to you all for leaving your houses and your places of work

to be here to witness the inauguration of both the House of

Representatives and the Senate.

Honestly speaking, I will not hide this from you, that today is meant

to be a day of celebration for APC but unfortunately it has turned out

to be a sad day with regards to what happened.

"During the elections, we called on men and women, boys and girls to

come out en masse. Many of them slept on the streets to vote for this

party. Despite all of these efforts, not all positions in the Senate

are led by APC members [because] some have betrayed the party and

connived with PDP to share positions amongst themselves.

"We spent 16 years fighting the PDP; they didn't give nor share

anything with our people. There is no kind of plea that we did not do

in the past three weeks for us to unite ourselves in the Senate, but

all was in vain.

"There are two people contesting for this position: Ahmed Lawan from

Yobe and Bukola Saraki from Kwara. Bukola Saraki knows he is not

popular in the APC. The party called him and sat him down, but he

refused to listen.

"The President, Muhammadu Buhari, called him and sat down with him but

he also refused to listen. He went to sit with David Mark and co and

they shared the positions amongst themselves. They connived and

appointed him Senate President and they appointed a PDP member as

Deputy Senate President, a position that is meant for an APC member.

"After that, they gave the post of Majority Leader to David Mark, a

PDP member. So 51 of us are not in support of this, because of the

promises I made during campaign that I will fight and expose any evil

act in the Senate.

"This is why I said that I will challenge anyone sharing political

post with PDP even if I will be the only one. If they like they can

invite me, but whether they invite me or not I will never compromise

with PDP.

"Our people didn't vote us to compromise with PDP. As such, I will not

compromise. The issue behind this is that there will be problems

whenever President Muhammadu Buhari wants to implement something good.

"Already they met PDP members yesterday night. Some PDP members met us

yesterday that they will support us if we can assure them of some

positions, but we rejected their offer. But they went and met Bukola

Saraki, together with Yariman Bakura and connived and gave big

positions to the party that is not the winning party.

"As such, it is not the position that I am worried about, but the

promise I made to you that I will never connive with PDP members. For

this reason, I will not keep silent because of what will be given to


So, whenever you hear some members of the Senate rebelling against the

leadership of the Senate, I am their leader.

"What happened today was, President Muhammadu Buhari this morning sent

us a text message for all of us to meet at the International

Conference Center in order to mediate between Ahmed Lawan and Bukola

Saraki. But they rejected the invitation and went on to connive with

PDP members that gave him Senate leadership.

"Therefore, I want whoever is here present to know this before you

start hearing it in the media. If care is not taken, all the struggles

we did in the last 16 years fighting PDP would be in vain. I will not

hide anything from you: the enemies are not in the PDP but within the


"Their secret and evil plan is to sabotage this government so that

President Buhari cannot do anything and at the end impeach him to

bring Jonathan back. Imagine APC members conniving with PDP members

rather than to come for unity.

This is the reason we met here with you today, to emphasize my

commitment to you that my senatorial post differs from the previous

senators you were used to.

"I promise that whatever I get in the Senate will be made known to

everyone and will be shared based on that. We've started fighting with

some of them, some have even stopped talking to me, not knowing that I

am not bothered."
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