Much ado about Wizkid and Drake

- Nigerians have 'gone up in arms' after Drake did not appear in

Wizkid's latest video

- This is coming after the rumor that both artistes have never met in person

- Both Wizkid and Drake have come out to offer explanations as to why

this happened

When Drake worked with Wizkid on the remix of his hit song Ojuelegba

in 2015, CAMPUSNAIJA.info felt it was the beginning of better things

for him and rightly so.

Since that song, Drake has gone on to gain a number one single (One

Dance) with Wizkid's help and this in turn helped Wizkid secure a

recording contract with international label SONY/RCA .

Their relationship blossomed that so many were surprised at a rumor

alleging that Wizkid hasn't met Drake in person. The rumor also

implied that all their contact with each other has been via email.

This rumor gained a bit of credence when Wizkid did not appear in the

video for One Dance.

Both Wizkid and Drake remained silent on this issue and Nigerians

forgot about it but when Wizkid released the video for his recent

effort with Drake titled Come Closer and the Canadian singer did not

show up, the rumor appeared to have been confirmed.

Nigerians began to vent their fury on Drake saying since Wizkid has

helped him in the past, it was only fair he did the same for him.

"Can we say its Buhari change that affected @Drake for not showing up

in @wizkidayo come closer video shoot

9:13 AM - 7 Apr 2017



"How Wizkid be when Come Closer is trending on twitter for the wrong

reason because of Drake.

9:11 AM - 7 Apr 2017



"Maybe wizkid didn't want Drake in the

video but then again what do I know.....

9:08 AM - 7 Apr 2017



"One Dance: Wizkid Missing.

Come Closer: Drake Missing.

Scoreline: 1-1

Winner: Drake

9:14 AM - 7 Apr 2017



Perhaps in a bid to douse the flames, Wizkid replied;

"Had a family emergency during one dance shoot and Drake was on tour

when we did closer.No bad blood..One love still"

, explaining why he hasn't appeared in a video with Drake and why

Drake hasn't done the same.

He has since deleted the tweet.

Drake also acknowledged his appearance on Wizkid's song:


Congrats to my g @wizkidayo new

song and video out now!!! Madness.������"

This matter appears to have been settled by both parties but is their

explanation enough for Nigerians? Only time would tell.

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