Mother and her day-old baby rendered homeless after illegal demolition of houses in Lagos

A Facebook user, Simon Ateba, has called out the Lagos state

government after he came across a widow whose house was allegedly

demolished by the government.

CAMPUSNAIJA.info findings shows that about 30,000 resident of Otodo

Gbame community in Lagos were rendered homeless after their houses

were demolished and torched on Wednesday, November 9 According to

Ateba, the woman just gave birth to her baby who is only a day old.


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He said the people whose houses were demolished have been sleeping in

canoes because they have nowhere to go.

Ateba explained that he met the new mother at a court in Lagos, where

she told him her story and explained that her husband was dead.

He further added that an American lawyer has decided to stay and help

the woman and her newborn baby.

Read what he wrote:

"What a terrible 419 government of change we have in Lagos! I took

pictures with them in court.

I took pictures with them right where their homes had been demolished

and set on fire. I took pictures of a day old baby whose mother had

nowhere to go.

I spoke to a widow whose husband was shot dead


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hours earlier. Even the Ambassador of Norway flew in from Abuja to see

things for himself.

Even an American lawyer decided to stay back in Nigeria to fight for them.

A Nigerian judge intervened and told the government on 26 January that

what it was doing was illegal. But they continued to demolish their

houses. They continued to shoot and kill.

About 5000 people rendered homeless and sleeping in canoes. What a

reckless government of change we have in Lagos.

What a heartless 419 government of change we have. Terrible, terrible

Akinwunmi Ambode of Lagos. Terrible tragedy at #otodogbame in Lagos."

CAMPUSNAIJA.info had earlier reported that an American political

scientist, Shelby Grossman, had accused the Lagos state government of

rendering Lagosians homeless in other to support the private

businesses in the state.


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