HIV positive girl gets crowned as a beauty queen

- Horcelie Sinda Wa Mbongo is a Congolese beauty queen who has made

history with her HIV status

- The 22-year-old emerged winner of 2017 Edition of Miss Congo UK

- Horcelie has been HIV positive from birth and discovered this when

she was only 11 years old

Recently crowned Miss Congo, Horcelie Sinda Wa Mbongo discovered at

the age of 11, she was leaving with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)

since birth.

For Horcelie who didn't choose to come to the world bearing an

incurable disease, she has managed to fulfill her aspirations.

Horcelie, who is originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, is

currently a student at a prestigious university in London. At 11,

Sinda discovered she was HIV positive when she took a test with her


Fast forward eleven years later and she emerges a beauty queen upon

winning the 2017 edition of Miss Congo UK.

CAMPUSNAIJA.info admires her courage...

The beauty queen who couldn't contain her excitement stated:

" I'm happy I've won at least something in my life. My story has

warmed people's hearts and that's the most important thing, "

She also plans to go back to her country at some point to raise

awareness by holding campaigns on HIV/AIDS.

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