Exclusive;Tupac murder mystery:'Confession letter' names rapper's killers

Exclusive;Tupac murder mystery:'Confession letter' names rapper's killers

This is the startling 'confession letter' said to be key in finally

solving the Tupac Shakur murder mystery.

US documentary maker and author RJ Bond claims the document names the

killers and clears rap mogul Suge Knight of any involvement in the

drive-by shooting.

The letter – provided to the Sun Online by Bond – is said to have been

written by one of the gunmen who opened fire on Tupac's car in Las

Vegas in 1996.


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A gang member called 'Danny' is said to have handed it to a TV journalist.

In the unverified letter he tells how he was 'told to take night out'

a reference to Death Row Records boss Suge Knight.

The former rap mogul was with Tupac in the Cadillac the night he was killed.

It gives chilling details of the assassination telling how 'no-one

would have made it out'.

It also tells of a background of a stolen rap song, a brutal gang

beating and finally the bloody revenge hit.

The 'confession letter' then points the finger at Death Row Records

security chief Reggie Wright Jnr claiming he told the shooters where

Tupac would be on night at the attack.


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Another up-and-coming rapper who is also accused of opening fire.

He can't be named for legal reasons. RJ Bond -behind the Tupac

Assassination documentary series – claims: "The story behind the

confession letter is very simple.

"It was given to a Fox reporter who was very keen on the story.

"A big TV interview was set up but he was a no show and the letter was

then given to Russell Poole (a former LAPD cop) and it was put in a

file and not looked at for a long time.

"When I saw it, the name of Reginald Wright Jnr just leaps out of the

page. It reads he gave Tupac's location. My jaw just hit the floor

when I read that."

RJ Bond is currently working on his third documentary covering the

notorious murder called Tupac Assassination III:Battle for Compton.

"This letter is a bit like the Rosetta Stone – it makes a lot of other

things make sense," Bond told the Sun Online.

"This new documentary is important for all those those involved in the

killings but in particular the victims and witnesses like Yafeu Fula,

the Outlawz rapper who was shot after the Tupac killing.

"The night of the Tupac shooting he was nearest to the Cadillac and

gave a statement to Las Vegas cops of the driver of the shooters' car.

"When we saw a picture of Danny he matched the description of the

driver. I mean, what are the chances?"

Wright Jr has long denied he had anything to do with the shooting of Tupac.

In 2015, he responded to the claims by pointing out that several

people that had linked him to Tupac's murder had died in the past



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They include the late rapper's ex-bodyguards Michael Moore and Frank Alexander.

"I believe in karma," he said.

"All these people are dropping dead. I keep telling people God don't

like ugly. I hope people learn a lesson from this."

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