CAMPUS NAIJA TECH;6 ways every Nigerian can recognize a fake phone

CAMPUS NAIJA TECH;6 ways every Nigerian can recognize a fake phone

When buying a phone, it is quite easy to buy a fake one, especially

when you do not know how to spot a fake phone.

Below are some ways to check if the phone is original:

1. Packaging;

It is important to look around the box of the phone, and pay extra

attention to the condition. If it appears to be dented or damaged, you

should request for another.

When buying the product, especially online, check the packaging for

any signs of neglect, such as loose or tampered packaging. A true

product will arrive to you with clean, and brand new.

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2. Unboxing;

It is important that you carefully check the box for any information

that is printed in a language that is foreign to the country from

which you made the purchase. If the language is different, request


3. Language;

The manual and the accompanying directions for use should be in the

same language as the country of purchase. If the language is a foreign

one, there is a very high chance that your product is not legitimate.

4. Appearance;

Top brand names, make sure that their products are in pristine

condition. So look at the appearance of what you are buying, pay

attention to detail, and if your product seems like it is not brand

new, and has been used, it most probably has been tampered with.





5. Fonts;

The type of font used is also another checkpoint for the products. It

is important that you know the font, the brand uses. You can check it

out on Google and compare to search for any differences between the


6. Cords;

The style of cords and other accessories should be noted. Therefore,

if the company has not made any style change announcements, than your

product should be the same size and color as that of the brand's

model. Any differences can imply that your product is not authentic.

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