style[amp-boilerplate] CAMPUS NAIJA QUOTES: By Queen-Ijeoma Onumaegbu

CAMPUS NAIJA QUOTES: By Queen-Ijeoma Onumaegbu

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Losers are those who refuse to move on after a lost battle.

In economic crisis the strong And entrepreneurs keep on going.

Education has passed the era of good results...what does your morals

and skill acquisition report say about you?

We ask but fail to ask with FAITH...

Your happiness is your job not people's choice for you

Recession never stopped our thinking ability.. So you've got all you

need to survive

See yourself a competitor to only yourself

Never forget those friends who held the ladder while you climbed,

they can shake it and you just start climbing alone...if that's


If your waiting for a crown on your head before you be called a

king/ need a self confidence check

Compiled by:Queen-Ijeoma Onumaegbu

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