style[amp-boilerplate] BB Naija's Jon Ogah reveals who isgoing to win the reality show

BB Naija's Jon Ogah reveals who isgoing to win the reality show

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25-year-old Jon Ogah in his short time in the Big Brother Naija house

was a contestant many people (especially) the ladies loved.

Popularly referred to as the Fine Boy of the show, Jon revealed in

this exclusive interview with how he got into the Big

Brother Naija house, his love for TBoss, winning a $100,000 at

18years, his music, that Kemen and TBoss issue and who he thinks would

win the show.

On whether he was paid to be a fake


No I wasn't paid. And besides I wasn't gunning after the money because

all I wanted was the exposure. "That N25million can be made in one


On him fulfilling his mission of getting close to TBoss in the house

I did fulfill my mission and as most people know we were very close.

And as far as breaking her heart is concerned, Big Brother had called

me off that mission long before.

_On him winning $100,000 at 18 years


Yes, I won $100,000 at the ripe age of 18 on the first edition of Glo

Naija sings in 2009 and if you convert that amount to Naira at that

time; it is about N30miillion today. That money was invested in my


_On why he left medicine for music_

I stopped studying medicine because I did not have a passion for it

and I did not want anyone to die as a result of my nonchalance.

So I quit studying medicine for Business graduating from the

University of Portsmouth and after that, I went to Ecole du management

in Grenoble France. I came back home to Nigeria and decided to face my


_On whose kiss he enjoyed most in the


I enjoyed kissing TBoss the most because she is a passionate kisser.

Kissing means a lot to her and even if I had met her outside the

house, I would have toasted her I really like her. Yes, people have

issues with her character but I don't she is an amazing person.

_On the moral lesson behind Big Brother Reality Show_

First, Big Brother is a reality show and you can't equate morality

with reality and in reality, there is no right instead there is black

white and grey. The show is for people who want to put themselves out

there if you don't want that, don't go for it. Big Brother is simply a

platform for young talented Nigerians to showcase their talent to the

world if you do not want to watch, don't.

_On whom he thinks would win the


I think Bassey is one chameleon in the house in the sense that

everyone likes Bassey and he takes care not to step on people's toes

this would really help him as the game goes on. Another chameleon is


She is never against anyone and that's a good way to play the game. As

for who would win I've been saying it a lot that Bisola or Efe but I

am beginning to see that the likes of Marvis, Bally or TBoss may shock

us and just win.

>Bally is the only Northerner in the house but

imagine if the whole of the North vote for


>Bisola can go high class and street if she wants to that is and advantage for her.

>Efe is more streets and one thing I now know the streets never forget their own

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