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Why Big Brother Naija {BBN}---First Winner (Katung Aduwak)

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The first winner of Big Brother

Nigeria reality show, Katung Aduwak, has said

the show was designed by its creators to

attract controversies and create agenda for

social discussions.

According to him, for every time that the

reality TV show stirred controversy in the

public space, it actually went in line with the

script of its organizers.

He stated this during the weekend while

chatting with entertainment correspondents

in Lagos.

Aduwak noted that from his experiences

while in the house in 2006, the best way to

emerge winner of the star prize pegged on

Big Brother Naija was to always remember

that the reality show was a game, be one's

self at all times and be strategic in playing the


He said: "I've not really been able to watch it

because of my busy schedule but based on

what I've heard, it has sparked a lot of

controversy and that is what the organisers

want, so I would call it a success.

"When I was in the house, I knew it was a

game and the best way to win is by being

yourself and being strategic.

"While in the house, I learnt that the human

mind is very resourceful and creative. In the

larger world, we are spoilt for choice because

we have a lot of things at our disposal but

when you're locked up, you would be forced

to make do with the resources available to

you. I think we can survive with a lot less than

we think."

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