style[amp-boilerplate] ST Novela, AMC series premiere new exciting series on StarTimes

ST Novela, AMC series premiere new exciting series on StarTimes

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In a bid to further enrich entertainment and

viewing pleasure for subscribers, ST Novela,

Fox and AMC Series have lined up new exciting

series on StarTimes this month.

StarTimes Head of Public Relations, Mr. Israel

Bolaji, said StarTimes is very happy partnering

these exciting channels as they launch new

series that enhance viewers delight and

overall digital TV experience.

ST Novela(channel 53 or 127) begins season 1

of Legendary Love, the story of a young lady

who was unjustly accused of a clergyman's

murder. With that horrible crime, she was

arrested and spent 23 years in prison. In the

present day, a young lady must figure out the

real story behind the Priest's mysterious

death. Suddenly, weird events start

happening. A series of grisly and horrible

murders is washed over the Del Toro

residence. These murders are committed by

an enigmatic figure whose face is hooded in a

smeared wedding veil. Will Natalia find out

who is the culprit and identify the real "La

Mujerde Judas"? Legendary Love airs on

Monday through Wednesday by 6:50pm.

Season 1 of on the wings of Love also debuts

on ST Novela this month, from Saturday to

Sunday by 6:50pm, showing a 2015 Philippine

romantic comedy television series which

premiered on ABS-CBN and worldwide on The

Filipino Channel on August 10, 2015, replacing

Bridges of Love. The romantic comedy centers

around two different people—Leah, a simple

girl with an American dream; and Clark, a boy

living his American life—who are forced to

marry to legally stay and continue working in

the United States.

Popular series, EMPIRE returns on 23rd March,

by Thursday @ 8:00pm on Fox (channel 070 or

131) with the second part of Season 3. A

powerful family drama about the head of a

music empire whose three sons and ex-wife

all battle for his throne Damian and Mariana

come from opposite worlds, but that will not

be an impediment for passionate love to

appearAlso on ST Novela, from Monday to

Friday, by 8:30PM, LANINA tells the story of a

young girl recruited by force by the guerrilla,

where she lived in first-hand the horror of

war. After many years, she flees from the

armed group and guided to set on a new

path,returning to ordinary life which will not

be easy due to the struggles of reintegration

into society, the challenge of understating this

new side of her self and confronting her own


ST Novela will also in March continue popular

series, Amazona on Saturday and Sunday

8:30pm with the story Victoriano, a landowner

and businessman, father of three daughters

(Diana, Casandra and Constanza), victim of lies

and intrigues that prevent him from being

with the love of his life, who has also

sacrificed her happiness, as a victim of an act

of violence that has condemned her to live in

the shadow of the Santos family. In a plot, full

of emotional situations, the three daughters

of Victoriano struggle to reach their happiness

beside the man they love, no matter the

consequences. Diana, the eldest daughter of

Victoriano is the one who most resembles him

and whom he can least break.

On AMC Series (channel 072 or 134), Fridays

by 9:00 pm, House 6 showcases a situational

comedy about a striving family that seems to

take things in their stride. Although some

situations look too difficult for them, they

always end up smiling and creating room for

better opportunities.

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