style[amp-boilerplate] My whatsApp Number banned why how to activate solution Resolved

My whatsApp Number banned why how to activate solution Resolved

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-Main reasons WhatsApp Number banned.

-Why WhatsApp number Block and how do I can activate WhatsApp number myself best solution.

-How can send many messages to users through WhatsApp without WhatsApp banned Number.

-How to activate banned WhatsApp Number.

Whatsapp number block to unblock.

-How to start banned WhatsApp Number.

What is main reasons of WhatsApp account could get banned. -How I got my WhatsApp number banned from WhatsApp support.

-WhatsApp support email ID.

-Permanently Banned number activate within days.

Whats app feature Chat indivisibly Broadcast

●Create a GroupWhatsApp provide the services at users can communicate with friends but your friend save your WhatsApp mobile number in address book

●Broadcast feature used if you want the same message to send to multiple users and users received individual message in inbox message but you can add member in Broadcast Limit is 256 In Broadcast feature

●User can receive your message if your mobile number save in address bookGroup feature: You can create one group and only add 256 member Limit in one group and send the message in common chat group  

What are main reasons WhatsApp account banned

1) The Same message send to multiple user unknown number just like spamming.

2) used for advertisement purpose.

3) Creating too many groups.

4) Sending Massage just like unlawful, defamatory, libelous, threatening, harassing, hateful, hoaxes.

Start Permanently Banned WhatsApp number if it Shows this message Your Phone number is banned.

■Go to Connect support or send email to

■Go to Bottom Side button and click Write this message (My number has been banned please turn it on again)and send.

■After 24 and 48 hours, you have received the message on mail and activate your Whatsapp.

Other solution How To Remove WhatsApp Banned

Remove all third-party Mobile App applications related to WhatsApp

Delete contact number, groups and individual chats with users that have not saved your number in contact list



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