style[amp-boilerplate] Man allegedly kills his girlfriend, injures three of her relatives then shoots at two strangers

Man allegedly kills his girlfriend, injures three of her relatives then shoots at two strangers

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A Florida man has been arrested for a shooting that left his

girlfriend dead and five others injured, including a teenage girl

waiting for the school bus. Allen Cashe, 31, shot his girlfriend on

Monday following a dispute at her home shortly after 6 a.m.

The verbal argument escalated to a physical fight and the police were

called in to intervene. A few hours before the shooting, a Sanford

police officer had to separate the couple as they were fighting at a

gas station but that was not the end of their fight.

Less than an hour later, police received another call about the couple

quarreling. An officer got there and gathered that they were arguing

over personal possessions.

The officer also learned that Cashe had a gun but the officer did not

see one so he simply separated them and asked Cashe to go home. Not

long after the officer left, Cashe allegedly opened fire on his

girlfriend's residence, killing her and injuring her two sons and her


The boys and their grandfather are in a critical condition in

hospital. Cashe ran away after shooting and as he did he shot

randomly, hitting two random people - a man and a high school-aged

female. A Sanford police officer who was close by heard the second

shooting and spotted Cashe's car. He followed Cashe's car to a nearby

apartment complex, where he arrested him. Police said they found a gun

in his vehicle.

Formal charges have not been filed against Cashe.

However, authorities will likely lodge "multiple" criminal counts

against him before he is arraigned later this week, a Sanford police

spokeswoman said.

Cashe remains behind bars without bail.

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