style[amp-boilerplate] Former governor jailed 5years for corruption granted bail

Former governor jailed 5years for corruption granted bail

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A former governor of Adamawa state Bala

Ngilari has been granted bail by the

Federal High Court in Yola.

Ngilari who was jailed for corruption on

Monday, March 6, was granted bail on

health grounds.

Ngilari was convicted by Justice Nathan

Musa for failing to adhere to the

procurement laws of Adamawa state during

his tenure as the governor of the state.

The former governor was found guilty of

four charges of giving N167 million contract

without due process and discharged on one

charge which bordered on conspiracy by

the court.

In ruling, Justice Musa had said the law

states that the convict shall not be given an

option of fine.

While handing down his ruling, Musa said

the former governor can chose to serve his

jail term in any prison of his choice.

Having appealed the court's ruling, the

judge said Ngilari is expected to remain in a

prison facilty pending the decision of the

appeal court on his matter.

He however, granted the former governor

bail based on health grounds.

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