style[amp-boilerplate] False News Going Round About Dead Female UNIZIK student

False News Going Round About Dead Female UNIZIK student

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It Has come to the notice of CAMPUS NAIJA that the news of the Final year student who died because ohf smoking marijuana are all false.
First of all, she went into the gate-mans house in order to charge her phone and the gate-man wasn't wise enough to know that the carbon-monoxide from the generator which he kept in his kitchen wasn't healthily good for both of them, I'll advice you discard all news about marijuana being the cause of death of the innocent girl, 
Secondly we all know marijuana doesn't kill, as a matter of fact it is the cure for major sicknesses in and outside Nigeria. 
The girl currently dead will be greatly missed by Friends and Family.. 

This news isn't meant to cause war but to clarify the false news which has been going round on blogs. 

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