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Anambra Fashion Show and Awards 2017

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Nominations has officially Begun for the Biggest Fashion Awards in

SouthEast Nigeria!!!

The Ultimate Search for who Clings the Most Coveted Plaque in Fashion

this Season....

Anambra Fashion Show and Awards 2017

List of Fashion Award Categories...

•Best Model (male&female)

•Next Rated Model(Male&female)

•Best Fashion Entrepreneur

•Best Fashion Brand

•Best Makeup Artist

•Next Rated Make up Artist •Best Fashion Photographer

•Next Rated Fashion Photographer

•Best Fashion Designer

•Next Rated Fashion Designer

•Most Fashionable Event Host (male&female)

•Best Fashion Cinematographer

•Most Fashionable Thespian (Male&Female)

•Most Fashionable Pageant King

•Most Fashionable Beauty Queen

•Best Fashion Stylist

•Best Fashion Blog

•Best Fashion Magazine

•Outstanding Pageant King

•Outstanding Beauty Queen

•Best Graphics Designer

•Next Rated Graphics Designer

•Best Modelling Agency

•Next Rated Modelling Agency

•Best Use of Social Media

•Most Fashionable Music Artist (male&female)

•Most Fashionable Dance Artist (male&female)

•Best Fashion Photography Studio

•Best Fashion Hair Stylist

•Most Fashionable Model(Male&female)

•Best Fashion Accessories Designer

•Most Fashionable On Air Personality(male&female)

•Campus Most Fashionable (Male&female)

•Revelation of the year in Entertainment

•Most Fashionable Comedian

•Best Fashion Online Promoter

•Most Fashionable Sports Personality.

To Nominate, Simply send Nominees Name, Category and Nominees Phone

Number to 08133933425.

Nominations officially ends 8th April 2017.

Instagram: @anambrafashionshow_awards



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#TheBiggest #TheBest

#FashionEvent #BepartOfHistory..

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